Monday, May 12, 2014

Being there to give and receive True Love

Dear Friends,

We had a wonderful day of Mindfulness this weekend guided by the monk-teacher Phap Xa. Next to a big representation from our Sangha, there were about 90 persons present coming from as far as Utrecht to Turnhout.
Our Sangha was complimented for the flawless and loving way we had prepared the day and have received the visitors.
In line with the theme of this day of Mindfulness: "True Love" we would like to stay in this flow.
As explained by Phap Xa in his Dharmatalk, True love can be seen as a combination of 4 elements:
Maitri: Loving kindness
Karuna: Compassion
Mudita: Joy
Upeksha: free and borderless
Phap Xa further explained: In order to experience and to give this kind of love we need to be there. If we cannot be fully present, what can we notice or give?
We will practice tonight in being there, mindful fully present:
Fresh as a flower
Solid as a mountain
our mind as Transparent as calm still water 
having space in me for my self and others.
Doors will be open 19h30
Meditation starts at 20h
followed by Dharma sharing and
as usual we close with informal tea.

Enjoy !

We have done this meditation several times but still it refreshes me.
There are many other groups that do the same in their own way.
Here a few links: